Milsted Langdon Forensic Accountancy Services

Shareholder and Partnership

Our forensic accountants in Bristol, Taunton, Yeovil and Bath are experienced in advising in the following areas:

  • Unfair prejudice claims
  • ‘Fair value’ requirements under articles of association and/or shareholder agreements
  • Equity valuations
  • Valuations of royalties, goodwill and intellectual property
  • Option valuations
  • Tax valuations for Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) schemes, Capital Gains Tax (CGT), Inheritance Tax (IHT) and Income Tax
  • Dissolution accounts
  • Taxation consequences of settlement options

Our valuation evidence is pragmatic, commercial, credible and persuasive.

Our experts have day-to-day experience of the valuations of businesses from the smallest family company to substantial and complex international groups of companies.

To find out how our forensic accountants can help you in these areas, contact us.